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Duct Work in Piscataway, New Jersey

Quality Sheet Metal and Welding , based in Piscataway, New Jersey, is your complete source for duct work and steel fabrication applications. Contact us today for quality products and services.

Industrial Duct Work

This covers all different types of applications. Normally with a heavy-duty duct, there is a corrosive element that is running through the ducts that is being exhausted, low leakage, and more. We will create a firm seal, creating a low level of air leakage by using a solid weld construction, in addition to flanged and gasketed connections.

We have standardized our own access doors for an increased level of convenience when you need to clean your ducts. This is imperative to having an easy cleanup. We build standardized access doors in all of our fabrications.

High-Definition Plasma Cutting

Quality Sheet Metal offers high-definition plasma cutting. This lets us fabricate parts with extreme accuracy. With capability of up to 3/4" plate, we can fabricate or simply burn parts for you. You can either send us a DXF file via e-mail and we will download it to our plasma cutter or send us a detailed sketch of your parts and we can program them for you.

Dust Collection Systems

Our dust collection system installations are state-of-the-art and have provided and met all customer designs and operational needs. These systems incorporate the latest standards and provide efficient operations with the highest performance in areas such as, but not limited to:
  • Carpentry Cabinet Shops
  • Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Manufacturing Companies
  • Recycling Centers
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Plasma Cutting Machine — Services in Piscataway, NJ

Fume Exhaust Systems

From general exhaust systems to complete localized exhaust systems with make-up air systems, we have the experience to let you know what will work for your project.

Compressor Exhaust Duct

Quality Sheet Metal and Welding will help you install a duct system that will allow you to exhaust that unwanted hot air from your compressor in the summer and keep it in the winter. By utilizing a manual damper system and "winter/summer" mode, we help our customers conserve their energy costs both in those hot humid months and in the cooler months!

Complete HVAC Systems

Quality Sheet Metal has installed complete HVAC systems, as well as just the duct work needed for these systems. We also fabricate, size, and design ducts for customer installation. We can handle everything from design and layout to the fabrication and installation of your duct work. We can also assist in unit change-outs and fabricate any custom parts needed for your system. We also possess a master HVAC license number 19HC00288200.
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In addition to Complete HVAC Systems, we now provide the service of calculating and installation of the latest DuctSox technology. Some immediate benefits to utilizing DuctSox are simplified design, uniform air dispersion, minimal installation hours, as well as being light weight, easy to ship and as quiet when properly designed. not to mention they are much more forgiving than metal duct and are very easily personalized available in multiple colors and patterns

Custom Polished Stainless Steel Work

From a small part to a large stainless steel project, let Quality Sheet Metal give you a price. We can make your part to any desired finish. We specialize in polished stainless steel and 316L when it comes to pharmaceutical and food grade fabrication. We also have the ability to electro polish and do anodizing.

Steel Work, Platforms, & Mezzanines

If you have a job that has steel work in it, Quality Sheet Metal will take care of it. We will assist you with all your needs from free-standing platforms, suspended mezzanines, platform extension, handrails and railing, and frames to steel under units at the roof.

OSHA Machine Guards

If you have a machine in need of a guard, Quality Sheet Metal will measure, fabricate, and install them for you. Some examples of guards include:
  • Gears
  • Fans
  • Belts
  • Shafts
  • Rollers

On-Site Welding Services

You can count on us for all forms of welding for small and large jobs. Quality Sheet Metal has trained and qualified personnel, as well as state-of-the-art equipment to handle all your welding needs.

Shut-Down Work

Quality Sheet Metal specializes in scheduled service and shut-down jobs. We have the ability to make sure these jobs are completed in a timely manner with minimal down time for the customer.

Emergency Work

After hour or weekend work? We have the ability and man power to handle any projects with constricted time restraints and off hour requirements. We are well qualified to meet critical deadlines with our professional and experienced field teams. Making sure we are easily accessible with 24/7 communication with our clients our project managers and site foreman’s give our clients a sense of ease on even the most critical projects. Let us prove to you that QSM has what it takes to make the impossible a reality.
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Contact us today at 732-752-6300, for industrial duct work, including work on exhaust systems.